Because we cover a real need.

Currently, the only control of pharmacological adherence is done by controlling the withdrawal of medication from the pharmacy. Then, the person taking their medication is assumed to be taking it. Nothing more needs to be said.

Because we innovate.

Innovating is not just inventing a new technology, it is also finding a different use for it than usual. IMA does not necessarily innovate in technology, but covers a need that was not covered before. And it’s a need that health system needs to cover since a long time ago, although until now society has not been fully aware.

Because we don’t limit ourselves.

Our service consists of a complex and connected device, a consumable with two very different parts, a filling aid base, a monitoring platform with different types of users and a mobile application. Without a doubt, more elements will be added to all of this that will make the IMA service the most complete service possible and imaginable for the improvement of therapeutic adherence. If we do not do more things because they would not fit in the box!

We know that you don't have a stone heart

Because we risk it.

Leaving a relatively stable job (as stable as a job today can be) on which your family depends in part (we add 9 children among the employees), your mortgage or rent, in a project that requires a strong investment, some long industrial production processes and a market to be created, can seem crazy. Yes, it is risky, but we also have an age where we have to be able to take risks in favor of other things.



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A hug at two meters and with a mask to all.

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