We already have been asked thousands of times: What is therapeutical adherence? Is it really important? These are great unknowns that have an easy solution: our youtuber explains it to us with his carefree style.

It is the third in a series of videos in which our CMO debuts as a youtuber to present the benefits of the IMA medication management service.

(we share transcripción after the video)


Good morning, good afternoon and good evening!
Today I have three things to talk about:
First: I have ironed my shirt, I have seen myself in the mirror before recording the video.
I know that some of you have complained.
The second: I want to tell you about adherence.
Yes, adherence is Berdac’s goal, it’s the sky we sleep under every night, we love it.
How? Don’t you know what therapeutic adherence is?
Well, very bad, very bad.
To those who follow car and motorcycle racing, doesn’t the term “Adherence” sound familiar? Yes right?
Well, imagine that you are the wheel and the medication is the asphalt.
That’s easy: therapeutic adherence is the monitoring of medical treatment.
And medical treatment is made up of many things: diet, physical exercise, physical therapy and everything that doctors and specialists prescribe for you.
And when we talk about drugs, we talk about drug adherence.
And… is therapeutic adherence important? you will ask me.
Well, for that we have a simile: let’s imagine that I am very, very hungry.
And you offer me a hamburger.
What will I do, eat it, devour it, or leave it lying there between the folds of a tablecloth?
Well, I have decided that no, I will not eat it.
Because overall, the hunger will pass alone. Doesn’t that make sense?
Well, the same thing, if you are prescribed a medicine it is for you to take it, it is a professional decision that affects your health.
Therefore, yes, adherence is very important.
And if you are concerned about your or family member’s adherence, hire the IMA service: it is the only service for monitoring drug adherence.
For the next video we will talk about the adherence statistics, there’s a lot to talk about.
Finally, George doesn’t answer me….
Do you think that if I do the next video in English, he will pay a little attention to me?
If so, answer and I will do what the majority ask for.
Au revoir!

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