Here it is! Our brand new What pills? video! Our youtuber faces two challenges: analize the terapeutic adherence doing it all in english.

This is the fourth video of a series where our CMO begins as a youtuber to present the IMA medication management service benefits.

(we share the transcription after the video)


Good morning, good evening and good night! This is due to one single comment. Thank you David, I hate you!
On the last video we talked about therapeutic adherence, you can see it on the social media.
And we said that today we’ll talk about adherence statistics. Truth is that it’s very difficult to keep a joke mood
talking about other statistics because they are very serious. Almost half the grown people over 16 has one chronic condition half of these
doesn’t take their meds correctly this is almost 10 million people in spain and you say.
Come on, so many people? Oh, it’s my pill time! These are my pills, yummi yummi
And you’ll say, come on! so many people?
Yes, because we are not talking about a single pill
We’re talking about a lot of pills, mostly 30 pills a day and be honest
You, younger people and you, older people, do you always remember to put your mask on before leaving home?
Ah my friend!
Remembering four takes of four or five pills doesn’t has credit?
Ah my friend!
The truly serious are the consequences of this bad adherence:
three of ten hospitalizations – not the best moment to visit hospitals –
and twenty thousand deaths related to adherence just in spain
So if you want to avoid all these consequences for you or for your beloved person
you just have to book the IMA service, the only home medication management service.
You can visit our home page and book it now we’ll have few units at the beginning
George, I destroyed your language only for you.
Here I am, don’t force me to call Brad.
If you work for Berdac i will think about my collaboration in Ocean’s14.
I will do my best as a comic relief.
Take care of yourself and others!
Hi Quentin! A movie with Charlize? Doing as a mexican?
I don’t know, my Oxford accent is very strong.

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