Yesterday was the World Thrombosis Day, and our youtuber has decided to make a video in honor of a star drug that has occupied many table conversations between pill and pill, next to the Parcheesi and the plastic pill boxes: the Sinthrome®.

It is the second in a series of videos in which our CMO makes his debut as youtuber to present the benefits of the IMA medication management service.

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I have two things to tell you. First, that George has not been taken for granted. George, the clock is ticking!

I have come here to tell you about the star medicine, the favorite pill of our elders, the classic among classics: THE SINTHROME®.

Oh yeah, the opposite of Controm, huh huh huh …

It actually makes some sense in spanish, as people with blood clots (thrombos) need to take the no blood clot. Thrombi are blockages that are generated in veins and arteries when the blood is very thick.

Precisely, the Sinthrome® serves to liquefy it, lighten it like a vinaigrette, so that it passes through veins and arteries without major complications.

Sinthrome® is still one of the most widely used medications and is taken only once a day. And for 4,000 euros, do you know what is the name of its active principle?

A: Sintromus domus maximus B: Antithrombarol medicine
C: Pastillina abuelina D: Acenorumarol

Remind you that you only have the joker of the youtuber. Right, it’s the D.

The truth is that Sinthrome® has already passed its best years and they are replacing it with drugs that are more effective and easier to control. Avoiding forgetfulness and mistakes is essential with Sinthrome®, since a single mistake can affect the entire treatment.

In short, the Sinthrome® seems to have little left in the patients’ day-to-day life. Do not forget that it is a medicine that should not be taken Sinthrome® nor are they.

So if you want to ensure the Sinthrome® treatment of yours or a family member, you only have to hire IMA, the only medication management service that simply alerts you when you have to take your pill or pill and gives it to you.

And if you want to know more, click here. Yes, Jose? How about unsweetened chocolate? Hey I was thinking … How old are you already? Are you in good health?

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