Production timmings, also affected by the pandemic, have taken us away the possibility of being able to answer the question with facts. But what could we have contributed in a context like this?

  • Ensure correct follow-up of everyone’s medication . This factor is even more crucial in people who are precisely more sensitive to this virus: the multipathological elderly people.
  • Now more than ever, providing peace of mind to our user’s environment is crucial, since we validate that drug treatment is correctly followed remotely.
  • Bringing data that can help health workers to rule out possible relapses due to poor adherence immediately.
  • Help to realize a a follow-up of detected or suspected cases if they stay at home, avoiding travel and greater risks.
  • Streamline the work of many pharmacies , by being able to prepare the medication for our users in advance.

And much more. We are saddened by not being able to contribute our grain of sand in this crisis. At the same time, we feel reinforced because we know that our service is differential and can add value no matter how small. Soon you will know more about us,

Thanks for reading us

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