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Your clients need the IMA medication management service

Your clients need it.

Low therapeutic adherence can generate:

  • Worse quality of life and health.
  • Worsening of diseases
    chronic and comorbidities.
  • Greater number of hospital admissions.
  • And even many deaths.
IMA medication monitoring service

Tracking service

If, in addition, you want to offer a monitoring service controlled by yourselves, we give you the opportunity to provide a service of indisputable value. With IMA®monitor you can track the adherence of thousands of users at the same time and in the easiest way:


IMA®monitor allows defining personalized alerts on compliance with the medication plan based on variables such as adherence levels, age, pathology, active ingredient, etc.


Our platform allows you to group users according to your needs. Manage users and alerts in the best way for your company.


With our technology, IMA®monitor is fully integrable to the systems you are already using.

But is this for you?

Medical Insurance Company:

A better therapeutic adherence has an impact on general health status and significantly reduces hospitalisations.


IMA service allows an immediate reaction in order to ensure the correct intake of the medication in due time.

Home care:

Our technology is revolutionary and allows a more personalized home care assistance, thanks to the follow-up in real time of each user’s medication.

Clinical trials:

IMA is the best solution to reduce the monitoring costs associated to the follow-up of the treatment adherence.

And many more, so do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your needs.

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