IMA, your medication solution

IMA is not just an automatic pillbox. It is a global solution to a specific problem.

Take care of yourself and yours and gain peace of mind with our smart pill dispenser 


IMA safely dispenses all the pills you need. Follow your medication plan to the millimetre to ensure 100% adherence to the treatment.

It has a 72-hour integrated battery, you can even take it on a weekend without plugging it into the mains!

In addition, you do not need Wi-Fi since it has a SIM card that allows you to connect wherever you are.



It is a device designed to be as simple as possible. The less is more taken to its maximum expression: a single button, a SIM card slot, a speaker, a plug and a lever to open the inner gate.

When the alarm sounds, you press the button and pick up the glass, nothing more.


The Pillbox is a weekly single-use pillbox with 28 positions. As usual in pillboxes, you’ll have till 4 shots a day.

The Pillbox can be filled following the guidelines reflected on Med-cloud, according to the entered medication plan.

Once filled, you must place a sticker to close the Pillbox tightly. It is inserted into IMA Dispenser by opening its front panel.


MedCloud is a complete information manager with which you will be able to control all the medication, monitor in real time the patient and consult the statistics of their therapeutic adherence.

It is accessible through the web and the mobile application.

MedCloud has the highest security standards and complies with the data privacy laws GRPD (Europe), HIPAA (United States) and PIPEDA (Canada).

What can I do with MedCloud? 

With MedCloud you can manage the treatment of your loved ones: you can create and modify the medication plan, add contacts or caregivers and control instant notifications.

Load management is very easy with Med-Cloud, you can fill it through its Assistant, and check its current and historical status.

Med-Cloud is a powerful information manager, with which you can consult all the statistics related to treatment adherence.

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