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Welcome to the medication treatment self-control revolution

Only three steps are necesary for the proper functioning of IMA dispenser 

When you receive IMA dispenser 

  • Enchufa Plug in IMA and it will automatically connect to the MedCloud
  • Access MedCloud
  • Complete the medication plan


  • Fill the Pillbox following MedCloud instructions
  • Place the properly sealed Pillbox in IMA


  • Press the button when the alarm sounds
  • Remove the glass to take the medication

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

IMA Pill Dispenser

When will IMA dispenser be available?
IMA dispenser will be available next February. It can be purchased online, as well as in pharmacies subscribed to the Pharmacy Friend Program.

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What exactly does the user has to do? Is it easy?
It is very easy: all the user needs to do is press the button of the IMA automatic pillbox when the alarm sounds, and take the pills at that moment.
Can I only put pills?
Yes. At present, we can only offer an adequate service with pills.
How do you connect to the internet? Can I use a Wi-Fi network?
No. The only way to connect is using a SIM card. There’s one included with IMA.
In case of power failure for a while, could it affect IMA’s programming?
No. IMA has an integrated up to 72 hours battery. Over this period of time, you only have to reconnect IMA and it will be automatically updated through its internal clock. This way, IMA always dispenses the shot you need at that time, as specified on the medication plan present in MedCloud.

The Pillbox

How do I fill the Pillbox?
It is very easy. Once the medication plan completed on MedCloud, click on the Refill Wizard. There, position by position, the Assistant will indicate what pills to put. Once everything is in place, it only remains to stick the closing sticker and place the Pillbox on IMA.
Is the Pillbox only for one week?
Yes, the Pillbox has 28 positions, 4 per day. If you only have three shots a day, the electronic pillbox will skip one automatically.
I have a meal outside, how can I get the medication that I will have to take when I am away?
By holding down the button for a few seconds, you can dispense the next shot in advance, as many times as you need. You can also take the entire blister, and when you put it back it will be in its correct position. If you have it configured, you will receive a notification to your mobile phone when you have to take the pills.
Can I fill several Pillboxes?
There’s no problem in doing so, as long as they are stored in the conditions needed for your medication (temperature, humidity…). We do not recommend doing many at once, since the medication plan can always change over time.
Why the Pillboxes are dispensable? Couldn't you reuse them?
The Pillboxes must be for single use only. By law, a blister cannot be reused for sanitary or food use, unless each refill is sterilized. The pills leave residues that can interact with other medications and can be dangerous.
Can the pharmacy fill in the Pillbox?
Pharmacies that are part of our Pharmacy Friend Program are providing this service. You can ask your trusted pharmacy if they want to join the program, it’s very fast and easy.


How do I insert my medication plan?
In MedCloud you can configure your medication plan. You can modify it as many times as you need.
How do I access the MedCloud?
Through the web portal or through the app. When connecting for the first time, you will be asked to generate a username. You will relate your account to your IMA Dispenser, and you can give different types of access (administrator, supervisor, etc.) to whoever you want.

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