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The best solution to monitor many patients at once

IMA is a solution designed to have at home. However, it brings many benefits to collective services. 

In-house hospitalization

IMA is a monitoring service of the treatment adherence. Thus, the health of a large group of people can be monitored from the same MedCloud user.

Cost control in the healthcare field is mandatory. The cost of an average hospitalization represents about € 5,000. IMA reduces these hospitalizations significantly, avoiding or significantly reducing the 30% due to poor adherence.


What can I do with MedCloud for business?

MedCloud for business is intended for pharmacies, health mutual founds, home health companies, hospitals, etc.

With MedCloud for business you can use all IMA benefits and also manage all your patients from the same screen.

You can generate users with different degrees of control according to their function and you can group the patients according to your criteria (location, pathology, etc.)

In addition, you can generate customized alerts. For example, you can create an alert based on the number of missed shots or based on the percentage of adherence to treatment of a particular group.

Finally, you can access a complete control panel with individualized or grouped historical and statistics.

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