Frequently Asked Questions

What is IMA?

It is a service whose objective is to avoid forgetfulness and errors with the medication, giving immediate information to a family member or caregiver.

How many doses per day does IMA dispense?

IMA dispenses 4 daily doses with the medication you need.

How to use?

When the time comes, the IMAdispenser alarm will start to sound. Pressing its single button will dispense the medication it touches.

Where can I buy it?

You can find our dispenser
in the online
shop of Berdac, on the web www.berdac.com.

What is its price? Where can I buy it?

You can check its price and hire it right here.

What does the service include?

By contracting the IMA service you will have everything you need: 1 IMAdispenser with its SIM card, the IMAwheels you need, 1 IMAbase to help you fill them in and access for 1 user and 1 caregiver in IMAmonitor.

I want my own IMAdispenser, why pay a subscription?

Even if the IMAdispenser is yours, we will continue to provide you with IMAwheels, provide the data connection and maintain IMAmonitor and IMAapp.

Who provides the SIM card? Can I use any SIM card?

The SIM is included with the dispenser in the original IMAdispenser box. The subscription partially covers your expenses along with the rest of the elements of the IMA service, so we recommend not changing it.

Can't I use the user's home WIFI network?

We have not wanted to oblige a user to contract an additional service. For this reason, the IMAdispenser is currently connected exclusively through a SIM card.

If I have a power outage, will my IMAdispenser stop working?

No, the IMAdispenser has a battery life of up to 72 hours. It will continue to notify and dispense the shots until you can reconnect it to the electrical network.

What is the product warranty?

IMA has a 2-year warranty against manufacturing defects from the time of purchase.

Are there other IMA models (for fewer tablets, smaller, portable, other colors ...?)

Currently the marketed model is unique. Contact our Customer Service to know first-hand the forecast of future developments.

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