The only digital health service for monitoring adherence

With IMAmonitor you’ll be able to follow-up thousands of users together.


IMAmonitor allows to define personalized alerts on the compliance with the medication plan, based on variables such as adherence levels, age, pathology, active principle, etc.


With our platform, users can be grouped according to their needs. It manages users and alarms in the best way for your Company.

La historia detrás del servicio IMA - Ilustración


With our technology, IMAmonitor is completely embeddable into the systems you are using.


We offer the additional service of Helpdesk, through which we make a check call to the user as soon as an alarm is activated on IMAmonitor.

Medical Insurance Company

A better therapeutic adherence has an impact on general health status and significantly reduces hospitalisations.


IMA system allows an immediate reaction in order to ensure the correct intake of the medication in due time.

Home care

Our technology is revolutionary and allows a more personalized home care assistance, thanks to the follow-up in real time of each user’s medication.

Clinical trials

IMA is the best solution to reduce the monitoring costs associated to the follow-up of the treatment adherence.

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