Welfare and peace of mind for you and your family

Much more than a pillbox.

Las pastillas y medicación con la recarga del dispensador IMA


It is essential to correctly take the medication. 10% of all hospitalisations are due to incorrect medication intakes. Thanks to IMA, we can avoid relapses and improve our health.

Easy use

IMA is so easy to use that it has only 1 button. Just push it when it tells you to do so and you’ll always get the correct dose.

Las pastillas y medicación con la recarga del dispensador IMA
Dispensador y plataforma de medicación IMA Cloud


Peace of mind

Wherever you are, you’ll always know whether your loved ones are correctly following their medical treatment. No more concern, IMA will immediately inform you of any omission.

Our IMA service

Nuestro servicio IMA

We aim to improve the medication follow-up in order to get a better quality of life for users and more peace of mind for their relatives.

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