It is estimated that a third of people over 65 are users of social networks. And this figure grows year by year.

Moreover, according to a study by theSIENA Association (Integral Services Association for Active Aging), 44% of the elderly use the networks as their main way to combat loneliness.

We still have to see the effects that the pandemic has had on the elderly in the adoption of new ways of communicating, but this proportion will undoubtedly have increased. On International Day of Social Networks we celebrate the positive aspects that these networks can have, although their role can sometimes be controversial:

  • It is a communication tool with family and friends
  • They stimulate cognitive skills when facing new challenges
  • Reduces the feeling of loneliness as long as they do not replace interaction with others
  • It is a informative source and entertainment

Undoubtedly, today more than ever, the elderly are connected. And as it shows Atrapatuabuelo and his 51300 followers in Youtube:

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